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        1. A Message from our Management Board

          Compliance with law and living according to ethical standards and values are of importance to our company and our business. Our products stand for protection and safety only if they are in the right hands and if legal regulations and moral principles are complied with.

          Our customers, especially the members of the police and the military forces who stand up for security and order, can count on our products and services to meet the highest quality standards. Likewise, our customers can be assured that we do not accept unethical, immoral behavior or even violation of laws. We rather prefer to refrain from a business than to make one that violates legal requirements or our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the "Code of Conduct").

          With our clear attitude, we are a serious, reliable partner for these customers, whom they can trust. "Your safety is in the hands of well-trained police officers and soldiers with the best firearms in the world by Heckler & Koch" – that is our quality promise.

          Our Green-Country Strategy is a clear commitment. Heckler & Koch with its products and services is an important component of the security architecture of the Federal Republic of Germany, of many European and NATO countries, countries associated with NATO, as well as countries that share the European value system. As a matter of principle, we only supply such countries. Only in open, transparent and close coordination with the competent authorities and after their approval, we will execute the transaction.

          Every single employee is an ambassador of our company and has the responsibility for ensuring that our company can handle the above-mentioned principles and rules. Where there are uncertainties, our Compliance Team is happy to help you with advice and support. Let us strengthen the confidence in our actions as well as in our products. Integrity is the basis for sustainable and therefore long-term success.

          Oberndorf, July 2019
          H&K AG
          Management Board

          A Message from our Management and the Works Council

          No Compromise! These two words are not only the Heckler & Koch slogan but describe best what compliance is about. In other words, zero tolerance! No member of our company wants to be engaged in a work environment in which others gain dishonest advantages through anti-competitive behavior, discrimination or corruption. We do not want third parties engaged in these practices, nor do we tolerate them within our own ranks. We abide the law, international standards of business conduct and corporate governance as well as our internal policies and guidelines. No compromise, zero tolerance!

          Our Compliance Management System is intended to ensure that this standard is maintained. An essential component of such a system is the present Code of Conduct. It answers the most important questions about our conduct and values, while our good judgment hold ourselves to a higher standard. This code is meant to support us in the implementation of this requirement and specifies and summarizes various principles and guidelines for responsible and integer action. In addition to this, our whistleblower system to report violations is intended to ensure efficiency.

          The Code of Conduct at hand summarizes the internal body of rules of capital importance and presents them in the context of our corporate policies and guidelines, our goals and values. It is binding for the entirety of Heckler & Koch and its affiliates and is valid for employees, consultants, contract workers, temporary workers as well as for the management and the board of directors. In addition, we expect all our business partners, suppliers and sales representatives to adhere to comparable high standards. This Code of Conduct offers a helping hand for you all in the multitude of ethical and legal challenges we face at our daily business and provides orientation for our behavior.

          We appeal to you: Get to know this Code of Conduct. Abide strictly by our laws, standards and guidelines. Seize advanced training opportunities and, in cases of doubt or questions, consult the corresponding contact persons. Your commendable behavior will secure Heckler & Koch’s good practice and will preserve the integrity and reputation of our company and all our employees. We are confident that this Code of Conduct does not only show us the associated obligations but will also serve as a reference book in conjunction with additional compliance information and valuable tips for orientation and support of your work. Please read it carefully and keep it handy for your reference.

          Oberndorf, July 2019
          H&K AG
          Management Board, Compliance Officer and Works Council

          “Subject to official release within Q4 latest.”

          HK Whistleblower Hotline:

          Tel.: +49-7423-792222
          Mail: compliance-hotline(at)heckler-koch-de.com
          (beide Kontakte erh?lt der HK-Chief Compliance Officer vertraulich)

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